Nature Art Kit

Above: Cyanotype Nature Print

This kit explores the work of Emily Neufeld in her exhibition Prairie Invasions: A Lullaby. In this exhibition, Neufeld explores the legacy of her Mennonite ancestors’ settlement of the Alberta prairies, their impact on the natural environment, and the ways in which the prairie is reclaiming their abandoned farmsteads. Through use of photography, sculpture, and natural materials, Neufeld brings the prairie landscape into the gallery space and into our imaginations.
Curriculum Connections: Visual Arts, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics

This kit includes access to a series of online videos, a package of art supplies, and a teacher guide with handouts and lesson plans. Rather than doing a one-time zoom lesson, we decided to try on-demand videos so that teachers and students would have the maximum flexibility in scheduling their activities. Additionally, the video lessons allow for students who are home learning to access the same content as their classmates. Instead of a three-week rental which is the norm for most cultural institutions, purchasing this kit gives you access to the online gallery tour and art lesson videos for the entire 2020-2021 school year. You can choose to purchase the required art supplies yourself, or order a package of art supplies which you can pick up at the gallery or have mailed to you. We have endeavoured to keep the kit as accessible as possible and keep the costs of the supplies low by not including items most students will already have or can easily find. We have made one of the video lessons free so you can get an idea of what the kits are like, just click on the video link to the right.

Online videos included:
Exhibition Gallery Tour
Three art projects:
• Nature Prints with Cyanotypes
• Nature Collage
• Nature Drawing

Teacher Materials include:
• Art Kit Classroom Session Overview
• Exhibition Teacher Guide & Discussion Topics
• Student Handout Blackline Master: Cyanotype Exposure Test
• Cyanotype Lesson Plan

Art Supplies
Each student receives:
• 2 sheets of 5”x7” Nature Print cyanotype paper
• 1 sheet of plastic
• 1 sheet of black construction paper
• 2 sheets of 9×12 multimedia art paper

Access to Videos & Teacher Materials: $50.00
Optional – Art Supplies: $2 per student
Optional – Mailing costs of art supplies via Canada Post: $15.00 S&H

How to pay
We can currently accept cheques and are working on a way to facilitate credit card payment via PayPal. Please make cheques payable to the Richmond Art Gallery. You can pay when picking up the materials, or mail payment to:
Richmond Art Gallery
7700 Minoru Gate
Richmond BC, V6Y 1R8

How to order
1.Fill out the order form.
2.The gallery will send you an invoice.
3.If you are only ordering the videos and lessons, we will send you the access and materials digitally on receipt of payment.
4.If you are ordering supplies, please indicate the number of students you need supplies for. A set of supplies for you, the teacher, will be included FREE.
5.If you are picking up the materials, we will coordinate with you a pick-up date when your package will be ready, and you can bring your cheque when you come to pick up the supplies. If you are having your supplies mailed to you, provide us a mailing address and mail us your cheque, and the kit will be mailed to you upon receipt.

Above: Cyanotype Nature Print
WATCH: Sample art kit video


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