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Teacher’s Guides & Resources

Labour’s trace
Teacher Guide Labour's trace
Cultural Identity

ArtRich 2019
Teacher Guide: ArtRich 2019
Art Vocabulary

We First Need a Boat for the Rising Tide to Lift Us
Teacher Guide: Cindy Mochizuki and Jon Sasaki
Japanese Canadian Art

Cave to Dream
Teacher Guide: Cindy Mochizuki and Jon Sasaki
Japanese Canadian Art

With wings like clouds hung from the sky
Teacher Guide: Karen Tam
Chinese Brush Painting

The Decameron Retold
Teacher Guide: Adad Hannah
Tableau Vivant, Storytelling

New Work 1983 – 2018
Teacher Guide: Pierre Vassura
Painting, abstraction, fables

In Suspended Silence
Teacher Guide: In Suspended Silence
Installation Art, Sculpture, Cultural Symbols

To My Unborn Child
Teacher Guide: For My Unborn Child
Indigenous Taiwanese Culture, Installation Art

For The Left Hand Alone
Teacher Guide: For the Left Hand Alone
Video Art & Sculptural Installation

Cover to Cover
Teacher Guide: Cover to Cover
Artist Books, Photography & Painting in Series

Teacher Guide: Transference
Contemporary Printmaking

ArtRich 2017
Teacher Guide: ArtRich 2017
Canada 150 & Landscape Painting

Eternal Return
Teacher Guide: Eternal Return
Art inspired by historical artefacts

Omnis Temporalis
Teacher Guide: Omnis Temporalis
Contemporary Canadian Graphic Novels and Performance Art

Teacher Guide: Confluence
Contemporary photographic self-portraiture, identity, and Indigenous representation

Cultural Conflation
Teacher Guide: Cultural Conflation
Cultural appropriation, Indonesian and Heiltsuk Art

Teacher Guide: Lyse Lemieux
Installation art, collage and textile art

The Mad Alchemist
Teachers Guide: The Mad Alchemist

not by chance alone
Teacher Guide: not by chance alone
Printmaking and Installation Art

For All Is For Yourself
Teacher Guide: For All Is For Yourself
Community engaged public art installation

Richmond / Kowloon
Teacher Guide: Richmond / Kowloon

Close Listening
Teacher Guide: Close Listening
Abstract painting

Teacher Guide: Interweavings
First Nations art

City as Site: Public Art in Richmond
Teacher Guide: City As Site
Public art in Richmond

Elders and Roots
Teacher Guide: Elders and Roots
Scanner photography and drawing

Theatre of the Exploding Sun
Teacher Guide: Theatre of the Exploding Sun
Drawing, sculpture and video

VERB WOMAN: the wall is in my head/ a dance of forgetting
Teacher Guide: VERB WOMAN & Mail Art
Performance art and Mail Art

Fictive Realities
Teachers Guide: Fictive Realities
Scultpture, assemblage, video and digital art

Materially Speaking
Teachers Guide: Materially Speaking
Ceramics, sculpture, fabric, glass and metal

Andante (a walking pace)
Teacher Guide: Andante (a walking pace)
Photography, digital art, mixed media, sculpture and textiles

Open Conversations: The Art Practice of Carole Condé & Karl Beveridge
Teacher Guide: Open Conversations

My Big Family
Teacher Guide: My Big Family

Fantasy Gardens
Teacher Guide: Fantasy Gardens
Photography and drawing

International Mail Art Exhibition & Swap
Teacher Guide: Mail Art
Mail Art

Crossing Over, Why Cloud the Whites
Teacher Guide: Crossing Over, Why Cloud the Whites

Homage to the Heart
Teacher Guide: Homage to the Heart

Last Riot
Teacher Guide: Last Riot
Photomontage & Video


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