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  • Hazel Meyer

    The Marble in the Basement

    April 20, 2024 - June 30, 2024

    What gets stored in a shoebox? Deposited into an archive? Shoved into a corner? Catalogued as important? Fever pitched towards a garbage can? Centered on a pile of marble scraps that possibly once belonged to iconic Canadian artist and experimental filmmaker Joyce Wieland, local artist Hazel Meyer’s The Marble in the Basement untangles issues of power, memory, and inheritance by …

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  • Theodore Wan
    Paul Wong

    Unit Bruises: Theodore Wan & Paul Wong, 1975-1979

    April 20, 2024 - June 30, 2024

    Curated by Michael Dang

    Unit Bruises brings together the works of two Chinese-Canadian conceptual artists active during the 1970s: Theodore Saskatche Wan (b. 1953; d. 1987) and Paul Wong (b. 1954). By mobilizing their own respective bodies, and the visual languages of medical and procedural illustrations, both artists subverted notions of objectivity that have been naturalized through such hegemonic imagery. …

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  • Collection

    Collection Close-up: Cynthia J. Smith’s Anthology of a Facelift

    April 22, 2024 - June 30, 2024

    Without its title Anthology of a Facelift, this dramatically lit black-and-white photograph of a woman wearing a paper bag covering her face would be highly ambiguous. It is one of several portraits from Cynthia J. Smith’s Redressing the Crone (c. 1991), a photographic series documenting women about to undergo or who had undergone plastic surgery. This project pointedly yet …

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  • Off-Site
  • Cherry Archer

    Membranes and Pith 305 & Reverie 25

    April 15, 2024 - March 15, 2025

    The Aberdeen Canada Line Station Art Wrap is presented in partnership with City of Richmond Public Art.

    What emotions or memories can food unearth? What do our meals reveal about our sense of belonging, family and history? In Membranes and Pith 305 and Reverie 25, Vancouver-based multidisciplinary artist Cherry Archer utilizes the evocative powers of culinary plants deeply rooted in

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  • Galleria@City Hall
  • Susan Purney Mark

    The Industrial Shoreline

    June 11, 2024 - August 26, 2024

    The Industrial Shoreline showcases nine wall-hanging quilt pieces by Susan Purney Mark, depicting scenes of working harbours in BC. Drawing from her experiences of living on Pender Island in the middle of the Salish Sea and traveling along its coastlines, Mark’s work highlights the tension between the high demands of the marine shipping industry and the collective aspiration for a

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  • The Annex Gallery
  • Ya-Wei Lin:


    March 25, 2024 - June 24, 2024

    Photography, whether still or animated, is Richmond-based artist Ya-Wei Lin’s preferred medium for narrating the world, including daily activities, life experiences, events, and moments as she sees them. Since 2010, her ongoing photographic practice has focused on exploring the meaning of visibility in the context of urban culture. These images depict the fleeting and subtle moments of the seemingly unchanging


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