Cross/Culture Collage with Elizabeth Zvonar

  • Workshop
  • May 17, 2018

    Above: Elizabeth Zvonar.


    Join guest artist Elizabeth Zvonar as she shares her art practice and leads a collage-making event using simple techniques. Inspired by the Gallery’s current exhibitions, have fun cutting and pasting found ideas and images from popular culture to assemble a new artwork. Materials and basic instructions provided in English, with translation available in Mandarin and Cantonese.

    Free admission. All artistic skill levels welcome, for ages 16+.

    跨文化艺术拼贴画夜! 星期四, 5月17日
    艺术家伊ElizabethZvonar会在活动中分享她的实践,并使用简单的技术,带领一个拼贴制作工作坊。提供材料和翻译: 普通话、广东话。不用任何艺术经验, 16岁或以上。

    Elizabeth Zvonar graduated from Emily Carr University with a BFA in 2001. She makes objects and pictures that think through metaphor and the metaphysical, often using humor and referencing art history while noticing the discrepancies between the sexes and regressive hierarchical structures. She was recently inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts and was shortlisted for the 2016 Aimia Photography Prize at the AGO in Toronto. She has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally. Zvonar will be opening Ageless Ambiguity at Daniel Faria Gallery May  2018 as well as launching a new public billboard project for Contact titled Smiling Milky Way located at 11 Bay St. in Toronto. She is represented by Daniel Faria Gallery. She lives in Vancouver.

    艺术家嘉賓 Elizabeth Zvonar 是在2001年从Emily Carr 艺术设计大学毕业。她喜欢通过暗喻和抽象的概念来制作物体和图片。她通常使用幽默和参考艺术史来揭示两性之间的差异和倒退的等级结构。她最近被纳入加拿大皇家艺术学院 (Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts),并入围多伦多AGO的2016年Aimia摄影奖 (Aimia Photography Prize)。她曾在本地,国内和国际艺术馆展出过。艺术家将于2018年5月在Daniel Faria画廊展览开幕,展出个人展览《Ageless Ambiguity》,并为CONTACT摄影节里站于在多伦多 11 Bay St. 的新公共广告牌项目推出作品《Smiling Milky Way》。她是由Daniel Faria画廊代理。她现在生活创作於温哥华。


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