Tammy Cripps
Jane Fawkes
Joanna Rogers

Unconventional Means

December 6, 2001 - January 12, 2002

Jane Fawkes
When I became frustrated with photographs of my vegetable garden which looked like a green blurr, I went into the garden with my camera and started taking pictures of the things I really loved; the details of cabbages, leeks and tomatoes. Then, wondering how I was going to deal with this material, I decided to make quilts: I am used to the form and they would be practical to handle and store. I then became obsessed with the detail around me and took pictures of rocks and beach and forest and sky. Putting them together was fun too, playing with pattern and repetition and finally having the surprise of the whole.

This series is about collecting, playing and organizing – collecting landscape, seacape and skyscape in a way that does not deplete or harm, but instead gives a new way of seeing.

Joanna Rogers 
Under Wraps – Redressing History has three components: The Replacement Series, The Resistance Series, The Reflection Series. It is constructed of fabric and treated bubble wrap. The fabric is either cotton or silk and has been dyed, printed and embellished. The bubble wrap has been melted and painted to produce a strong material which is reminiscent of fish skin.

The Replacement Series consists of six historical male garments associated with public ritual. The masculine iconography representing power and privilege has been replaced by a traditional quilting pattern reflecting the function of the garment or the role of its wearer: star chasuble, dominoes roman armour, applique coptic tunic, chrysanthemum kimono, tumbling cube cope, honeycomb tombcover.

The Resistance Series is comprised of six female garments associated with the home: flour resist apron, clamp resist dress, wax resist kaftan, pole-wrap resist kimono, stitch resist shawl, knot resist table cloth.

The Reflection Series consists of fifteen banners, each comprised of an original quilting design reflecting an aspect of modern life. These contemporary designs are inspired by traditional quilting patterns.

Tammy Cripps, Unfired Clay 

My most valuable art experience has been discovering new ways to work with and command clay – specifically Unfired Clay. My current involvement with unfired clay absorbs me.

This series explores the permanence of unfired clay with mixed media. The construction and preservation of my work has come from much experimentation and involves a number of time consuming processes. This is especially true of my vessels. Each vessel has evolved from a variety of disciplines as is evident in either the burnishing, coiling, collaging, painting and/or sewing of clay.
My work is an expression of my own soul-searching combined with a deeper awareness of my surroundings. My work infers a sense ofhome, sanctuary, tranquillity and the womb. My work stands to represent an essence or core that remains when everything else is stripped away. It symbolizes a constant, a point of origin or nucleus within us all.


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