Beyond the Horizon Mandarin Chinese tour

August 12, 2017

Above: Alan Wood, Beach Walk, 1992, silkscreen print on paper.

(English translation will follow).

列治文美术馆会在8月12日下午在馆内进行中文向导;由美术馆暑期策展助理张慕含(Muhan)与王晗凝 (Elisha)为大家进行展览的普通话解说。


此次展出的收藏作品来自于加拿大艺术家艾琳 · 霍法 · 瑞德 (Irene Hoffar Reid), 威廉 · 皮 · 威特森 (William P. Weston), 艾伦 · 伍德 (Alan Wood), 托尼 · 奥利 (Toni Onley), 苏珊 · 格兰丝比 (Susan Gransby), 兰斯里 · 珀 (Leslie Poole) 与苏珊 · 庞特 (Susan Point) 。他们展示了如何用不同的方式“捕捉”加拿大广阔美丽的风景。这些作品的完成时间均为1932至1994年;然而每一副作品都风格迥异:有些侧重于描绘空旷的景色;另外一些则注重了人类对自然景观的破坏。本次展览选择的作品特别展现了近百年来自然环境的变迁。这些风景曾深受 “七人画派“ 和同时代人们的喜爱,并被他们形容为“空虚而荒凉“;而如今的艺术家越来越重视到人类活动的对自然造成的影响,并意识到这片国土已经远离曾经无人居住的殖民时期。今年是加拿大成立150周年,正是一个好的时机去认知和感受这种由于遗漏了早先的居民所导致的空旷感。

与这些收藏作品对话的,是一组由10位本地中学生玛丽斯 · 张 (Marisse Cheung), 阿雅尔 · 海因里奇 (Ayal Heinrichs), 安西垭 · 广 (Anthea Kwong), 梅根 · 莱恩 (Megan Lane), 露西 · 李 (Lucy Li), 米奇 · 摩根 (Mickey Morgan), 安格尔 · 潘 (Angel Pan), 安塔娜 · 派查(Atheana Picha), 莉莉 · 王 (Lily Wang) 和曼迪 · 许 (Mandy Xu)在美术馆组办的青年艺术课程计划指导人梅兰尼 · 狄威 (Melanie Devoy)带领下用八个月的时间创造的全新的作品。

在艺术课程中,学生们参加了由艺术家黛安 · 阿柯家堤 (Diyan Achjadi), 基斯 · 兰戈伯拉格 (Keith Langergraber) 与特斯马 · 艾拉斯 (Tsēma Iras) 指导的工作室, 做了有关收藏作品的研究并为这次展览贡献了他们的创作。这些收藏作品为我们展现了过去的风景,而学生们的作品则照亮了一条通往未来的道路。许多学生将作品的重点放在了现今的环境问题上,如气候变化和大规模污染;承诺了他们想要用艺术来倡导保护自然景观的决心。

地点:列治文美术馆 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond
入场免费 欢迎大家

Join us for a Mandarin Chinese tour of our current exhibition Beyond the Horizon, led by Summer Curatorial Assistants Muhan Zhang and Elisha Wang.

Beyond the Horizon is a unique exhibition showcasing selected landscapes from the Richmond Art Gallery’s Collection and a series of new works developed in response by students from the Richmond Art Gallery’s Youth Mentorship Program.

Works from the collection, including those by Irene Hoffar Reid, William P. Weston, Alan Wood, Toni Onley, Susan Gransby, Leslie Poole and Susan Point, demonstrate how various artists have grappled with the vast scale of the Canadian landscape. The dates of the exhibited collection works range from 1932 to 1994, and vary considerably in style and focus. Some set out to capture the immensity or emptiness of a view, while others focus instead on the toll humankind wages on the natural landscape. Through the selection of works, this exhibition seeks to highlight the ways in which landscapes have changed over the last century. Where once it was popular for the Group of Seven and its contemporaries to show Canada as an empty, wild terrain, it has become increasingly more important for artists to recognize the cost of recent human activity and to acknowledge that the country was far from uninhabited at the time of colonization. It is especially timely on the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary to recognize that any perceived emptiness results from the convenient omission of earlier inhabitants.

In dialogue with the curated selection of collection works, a group of ten local secondary students; Marisse Cheung, Ayal Heinrichs, Anthea Kwong, Megan Lane, Lucy Li, Mickey Morgan, Angel Pan, Atheana Picha, Lily Wang and Mandy Xu present new works developed through an eight month youth mentorship program facilitated by RAG School Programs Coordinator Melanie Devoy.

Over the course of this period, the students participated in artist-led workshops with Diyan Achjadi, Keith Langergraber and Tsēma Igharas, researched the collection, and contributed to the creation of the exhibition. The collection works may afford a view of the past, but the works of the students illuminate our path looking forward. Many of the students’ works address environmental concerns such as climate change and large-scale pollution, demonstrating their commitment to using their art to advocate for the protection of our natural landscapes.

Time: Saturday August 12, 2pm
Location: Richmond Art Gallery, 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond
Free Admission, everyone welcome

Above: Alan Wood, Beach Walk, 1992, silkscreen print on paper.


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