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  • January 12, 2019

    Richmond Art Gallery Association in partnership with Origo Club invites you to a tour at the brand new Origo Club Art Gallery in Richmond. Introducing Origo Club’s new Gallery and its current exhibition, this event provides an opportunity to connect the Origo Club Art Gallery with the local arts community.



    Origo Club

    #110 – 6888 River Rd
    Richmond, BC
    V7C 0B5


    About the exhibition:


    Thangka is a traditional Buddhist painting on cotton or linen, usually with a Buddhist deity, scene, or Mandala as the main content. The composition of a thangka is highly geometric and filled with religious symbols and allusions. Traditionally kept  unframed, the painting rolled up allows it to last a long time. The painting technique is very complex and detailed, as all symbols must follow strict guidelines from Buddhist scripture. The artist must be properly trained and have sufficient religious understanding regarding proportions, shape, colour, stance, hand positions and attributes in order to create an accurate and appropriate thangka.  


    Porcelain appeared in China around 16th century BC, and slowly spread towards Eastern Asia. Porcelain is a ceramic material made of  kaolin clay, fired in a kiln from temperatures between 1,200 to 1,400 °C. As the production of porcelain continued to develop and became more popular during the Song dynasty (10-12 Century), the glazing techniques also evolved along with it.

    Celadon glaze is jade green color, also known as greenware and a type of transparent glaze, often with small cracks. Longquan Kiln in Zhejiang province is renowned for their celadon glazes.

    The copper red glaze was created by Jingdezhen porcelain workers in the Ming Dynasty. Copper oxides is the  coloring agent used while glazing. As the glaze technique is unique and has a relatively low success rate, these kinds of glazes were very rare and popular in the Emperor’s families.


    Yixing clay teapots are  listed in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage list, and has been known since the beginning of the Ming Dynasty (14 – 16 Century). It is made with Zisha (purple sand clay) which only can be found in China’s Yixing region. This clay has existed for 350 million years. Due to the clay’s special qualities, it does  not affect or take away the aroma of the tea, but it does absorb a tiny amount of the tea into the pot during brewing. After prolonged use, the  pot retains the flavour and colour of the tea which is considered to be more spiritual and the tea would taste more elegant. Zisha is known as the best material to brew tea.


    Schedule of Events:

    11:00 am – Tour of Origo Club Gallery

    11:45 am – Theme discussion

    12:30 pm – Event ends

    Free admission, limited spaces. RSVP early to reserve your spot
    To register, follow this link to Event Brite


    About Origo Club

    Origo Club offers guests a relaxed atmosphere where East meets West in a gallery of contemporary Asian art along with a stylishly chic restaurant featuring French-inspired food and wine.

    The Art Gallery showcases a collection of authentic and contemporary handmade Asian arts. The time-honored traditions mingle with modern design and decor that reflects the East meets West ambiance and offers visitors an interactive and immersive cultural journey unlike any other.

    This tour is supported by RAGA, and the BC Arts Council



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    Closed on statutory holidays.

    Current Exhibitions


    By donation


    Richmond Cultural Centre
    7700 Minoru Gate
    Richmond, BC  V6Y 1R8
    Canada Line Station: Richmond-Brighouse


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