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jasna guy:

not by chance alone


September 12, 2015 - January 3, 2016

Curator: Nan Capogna

jasna guy is a visual artist who works primarily with drawing, often incorporating photography, text, and collage as intrinsic parts of image-making process. Alarmed by collapsing bee colonies and the subsequent impact on a broad variety of ecosystems, jasna guy’s recent body of work, not by chance alone, explores the subjects of bee ecology and history. Tens of thousands of individually printed images are created by the artist using numerous small hand cut blocks made for printing. The installation of several hundred printed silk tissue sheets form a “bee carpet” representing 30,000 individual bees swirling amongst patterned flora and mythical personages that reference the symbiotic relationship of bees to flowers. Each sheet dipped in beeswax, creates a rich olfactory experience enhancing the visual profusion of images in guy’s immersive installation. The exhibition was curated by Nan Capogna.



Above: jasna guy, not by chance alone (detail), 2012-2015, printmaking ink on silk tissue, beeswax

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Themes: Printmaking and Installation Art


jasna guy: not by chance alone
Authors: Nan Capogna
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Interview with jasna guy