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City Hall Galleria

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As part of the Richmond Art Gallery’s outreach to the community, the Gallery displays artworks by local artists at the Richmond City Hall Galleria every 6 to 8 weeks.


January 7 – March 4, 2019
Tony Yin Tak Chu: Liu Shui (drifting water)

Artist Statement:

Liu Shui is a series of ink drawings created from 2014 to 2018 that allowed me to explore and reconnect with my cultural background. Having been raised in Hong Kong during the time of British Crown rule I felt pressured to study English in order to find work. Under the strong Western influence I surrendered my native language; the loss of Chinese language and culture became inevitable.

In 1996 I immigrated to Canada and earned a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. In my fourth year of school I began to explore the tradition of Chinese ink painting. As I had no training in brush painting, I began using drafting pens. Working on long rolls of paper reminiscent of traditional Chinese scrolls, I incorporated other materials such as mylar and tracing papers, combining Eastern and Western traditions.

The process of layering marks in ink on sheets of mylar and translucent tracing papers became a metaphor for my searching for a lost time. Layered with unidentifiable images that ebb and flow in the background, they are a dreamlike memory yearning for a past that is unrecognizable.


Richmond, BC based artist, Tony Yin Tak Chu, works primarily in drawing and painting. His work has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally. He has participated in public art events including Pop-up installations at Richmond’s Lansdowne Shopping Mall, Vancouver PNE and Richmond International Media Art Festival.


March 5 – April 22, 2019
Men in Hats: Scenes of Steves Farm
The group of Plein Air painters that make up the Men in Hats, which also includes women painters, present the products of their fruitful painting excursion to the historic Steves Farm, in Richmond.

April 23 – June 10, 2019
Lara Cerman
Laara Cerman’s work explores the intersection of art, science, history and the themes of impermanence, a return to nature, and the fragility of life. She creates her photographs by capturing multiple digital images and then pieces them together in post-production.

Past Exhibitions

January 10 – March 5, 2018
About Face: Marcia Pitch

March 6 – April 23, 2018
separatum imaginibus: Gerry Boretta, Jean-Francois Cleroux, Francis Dorsemaine, Valerie Hider, Matthew King, Larry Leslie, John Ostaf, George Pierce and Sharon Wright

April 24 – June 11, 2018
Losing Home, Finding Peace: Dorthe Eisenhardt

June 12 – August 23, 2018
Scenes of Richmond: Joy Peirson

August 27 – October 1, 2018
Weaving Our Way: What if our community stories were actually woven together? Presented by the Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society

Oct 2 – Nov 6, 2018
Inspired: Celebrating Ability
This exhibition features works of art produced by individuals at the Avenues art program.  All of the featured artists are supported through day programs offered by Richmond Society for Community Living (RSCL).  This exhibition highlights the artists’ creative expression and allows visitors to the Richmond City Hall Galleria to see beyond disability to ability.

Richmond City Hall Galleria is located at 6911 No 3 Road. Viewing hours are Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Liu Shui #2
Above: Tony Yin Tak Chu, Liu Shui #2, mixed media on paper, 2018