Video Art Lesson: Sewing, Beading, and Tufting

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  • Posted: March 2, 2021

    Above: Classroom Art Kit includes 1000 beads, assorted yarn colours, plastic beading needles, and pre-cut squares of burlap.

    This two part video art lesson introduces the techniques of embroidery, beading, and caribou tufting. The combination of these three techniques was developed into an incredibly beautiful art form by Indigenous and Métis artists and these techniques are still being practiced today by contemporary Canadian artists.  To bring this art form into the classroom, we have created two videos and an accompanying teacher guide. The first video is a virtual classroom visit, in which artist Michelle Sound introduces her background and art practice, shows examples of tufting and beading, and then gives a demonstration of caribou tufting.  The second video demonstrates a classroom art project in which students can create their own artwork incorporating these three techniques using burlap, beads and yarn.


    • General classroom materials: paper, pencil, eraser, markers, scissors,
    • Specialty materials: burlap, pony beads, plastic needles, yarn
    • Optional: masking tape, white glue, or acrylic paint

    Please note: You can order a class set of specialty materials from the Richmond Art Gallery for $100.00. The kit contains 1000 multicoloured beads, an array of yarn colours, plastic beading needles and pre-cut 8″ squares of burlap.

    To place an order fill out our online form.


    • Download and review the teacher guide
    • Introduce the guide background materials to your students
    • Watch Part One: Michelle Sound
    • Watch Part Two: Classroom Art Project
    • Follow the steps outlined in the videos and lesson plans in the teacher guide.



    Above: Classroom Art Kit includes 1000 beads, assorted yarn colours, plastic beading needles, and pre-cut squares of burlap.
    WATCH: Part One features artist Michelle Sound who gives a caribou tufting demonstration
    WATCH: Part Two is a video art lesson to create a picture using the techniques of sewing, beading, and tufting


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