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  • August 28, 2021

    Above: Presenters l-r: Blaine Campbell, Hussein Hallak, and Mohamed Somani.
    Why blockchain matters to the art world

    If you’ve been paying attention to technology news in the past 6 months you’ll know that blockchain technology is having a profound impact on our world and our future.
    Art is not excluded from this change. Why is this technology of relevance to the art world, and how could it impact you as an artist, art lover, collector, or institution?

    Join Blaine Campbell, Hussein Hallak, and Mohamed Somani for an informative session on these topics and specifically how the technology is being developed within Mobil Art School’s collaborative art making platform called Arpp. Participants in this workshop will learn:

    • How art becomes decentralized through the use of blockchain technology
    • How artists are finding new ways to control their art and how the world sees and interacts with it, and why it’s worth considering in your own practice
    • How an app can become a democratized way for artists to collaborate and show art using the blockchain, supplementing traditional art institutions
    • And much more!

    If you want to contribute to their research and development project on the use of Artificial Intelligence to support creativity and social connection using Arpp as the tool for exploration, please contact them at:

    Session Format:

    • This event was a free live-streamed webinar on the Zoom platform, and was recorded as a video.
    • Participants asks questions at the end of the presentation, and those are included in the video recording.
    • Live English captions included.

    About the Presenters:

    Blaine Campbell is an Alberta-based artist working in photography, video, and installation. He recently presented a large-scale temporary public artwork as part of The Works Festival in Edmonton, and has previously completed residencies at the Banff Centre and the TRIUMF nuclear and particle physics laboratory at UBC. He has a background in applied mathematics and computer science, working for a time in Silicon Valley for a dot-com and subsequently on safety analysis systems for nuclear power plants.

    Hussein Hallak is founder and CEO of Next Decentrum, a blockchain company building Momentable, an NFT e-commerce platform focused on helping museums, art collectors, and cultural institutions create, manage, and promote NFT-based digital products and collections on the Flow blockchain. In 2006, he launched CreativeArab, the world’s first and largest marketplace for Middle Eastern art focused on connecting artists across the Arab world with a global audience (acquired). He then launched The Content People in 2010, an award-winning content marketing agency with clients that included Virgin Mobile, Pfizer, and Starbucks. Prior to Next Decentrum Hussein joined Launch as General Manager. Launch is one of North America’s top tech hubs and startup incubators with over 6500+ founders and 500+ startups raising over $1 billion.

    Mohamed Somani is a Vancouver-based visual artist/entrepreneur, creator of Arpp (a collaborative art making platform), and co-founder of Mobil Art School. Somani was also co-founder and CEO of Beam, a technology startup focused on home and office smart technology. Somani is also a specialist focused on data systems integrations and user-focused visualization software, and trained in Lean and Six Sigma process improvement methodologies.

    About Mobil Art School:

    Mobil Art School is an artist-run company founded on the belief that the world of art and creativity should be available to everyone through creative technologies and in-person instruction. We are the creators of Arpp – a collaborative and social art-making app available on the App Store for free. We also offer an innovative creative Team Building program to challenge your team’s creativity and problem solving skills in a fun setting. Our goal is to broaden access to art to people outside the traditional limits of art schools, colleges and universities through diverse, experimental, and technology-inspired programming. Our instructors are professional artists and educators with a passion for teaching gained through years of experience instructing at institutions such as the University of British Columbia, Emily Carr University, the Vancouver Film School, and others.


    The Artist Salon is an opportunity for emerging and established visual artists to learn from arts professionals and discuss opportunities in the arts community. Each month presents a different guest presenter for inspirational talks and professional development advice for visual artists. The 2021 Artist Salon Series is supported by the City of Richmond, Arts and Culture Grant.

    Above: Presenters l-r: Blaine Campbell, Hussein Hallak, and Mohamed Somani.
    WATCH: Join Blaine Campbell, Hussein Hallak, and Mohamed Somani from Mobil Art School for an informative session that introduces the basics of NFT's, blockchain, and specifically how the technology is being developed within Mobil Art School’s collaborative art making platform Aarp.


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