Rouladen – Beef Rolls – German dish

Shared by: Peter

This was a classic "Sonntagsessen" – Sunday Dinner (something special to celebrate the Family time on weekends or on other special occasions) – when I grow up in Germany. Because the preparation was labor and time consuming and beef was not cheap. Now here in Canada we enjoy this dish also during the week – using a pressure cooker reduces cooking time from 2.5 h to 35 min and freezing leftover portions cuts down on the labor… 🙂 best served with Red Cabbage, Potatoes and Beer!


4 roulades or minutes steak
4 stripes bacon
4 pickles, cut in stripes
1 big onion, cut in long pieces
Veggies of your choice for the gravy (pepper, carrot, celery, 1 small potato) cut in pieces
1 bay leave
5 dried All spice berries, 5dried Juniper berries (traditional spices, tastes good with others too)
Oil or butter to sauté
1 tsp bouillon powder or cube


Pound the beef slices with meat tenderizing tool very thin (2.0 mm) and sprinkle with ground pepper, spread generously Mustard over the whole piece, cover the length with the bacon, place pickle stripes & onion on one end and roll it up. Secure the top and both ends with wooden toothpicks.
Heat oil in the pressure cooker and sauté the roulades until brown on both sides.
Add spices and leftover onion, arrange veggies over the rolls and pour broth/ water over all until 2/3 covered. Close the lid of the pressure cooker and when the steam comes out turn heat down and let cook for 35 minutes and wait until the valve is released on its own to open the pot.
Take the roulades, bay leave and dried berries out. With a hand blender puree the vegies and turn them into healthy gravy, the bay leave and berries throw away (otherwise overpowering flavor) .


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