How To Appreciate Historical Paintings

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  • March 2, 2019

    Above: John Williams Waterhouse, A Tale from the Decameron, 1916, oil on canvas. National Museums Liverpool.

    Introduction to Western and Chinese Art Histories and How to Appreciate Historical Paintings


    Simone Guo leads an illustrated talk (in English with Mandarin translation available) on the aesthetic differences and similarities between Western and Chinese art historical painting.  A selection of images will provide a review of Western painting from the Middle Ages to late 19th century and Chinese painting of the corresponding historical periods.  This informal talk will also be an introduction on “how to look at painting” in context of different cultural and art histories. and referencing certain artworks seen in Adad Hannah’s The Decameron Retold

    Free session, but due to limited spaces registration is required at Eventbrite.

     Presenter Bio:
    Simone Guo was born in China and is part of an artistic family. She studied at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China where she completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Art History, and in 2004, earned another Master of Art History degree from the University of Victoria. For the last ten years, Guo has shifted her focus to studio practice and is currently represented by Art Beatus (Vancouver). Her work can be found in collections in Asia and North America.


     3月2日,週六 ,  下午2:00-3:30

    Simone Guo 將會與大家共同探討中西方藝術史中繪畫美學的相似和差異(用英語進行並有普通話翻譯)。這個討論將從不同文化和藝術史的角度介紹.  如何欣賞中西方繪畫。 本課程免費,但由於報名人數有限,請在 註冊。

    Simone Guo 出生於中國的藝術世家。 她曾就讀於中央美術學院並取得藝術史本科和碩士學位,並於2004年獲得維多利亞大學藝術史碩士學位。 在過去的十年中Guo的重心轉向藝術創作,作品由溫哥華ArtBeatus 畫廊代理。 她的繪畫在亞洲和北美都有收藏。

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    This is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter initiative. With this $35M initiative, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.

    Above: John Williams Waterhouse, A Tale from the Decameron, 1916, oil on canvas. National Museums Liverpool.


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