Group Show

Mirror Mirror 2006: Self-Portraits

November 8 - December 14, 2006

Mirror Mirror on the wall –
who are our members after all?

For this fundraising exhibition the Richmond Art Gallery has invited its members to submit a small self-portrait to present a larger view of the creative community that supports the Gallery.

The self-portrait has been an important tool for artists since the
introduction of the mirror in the 15th century. Artists have been
motivated to represent their own visage in diverse styles and media.

The exhibition will close with a silent auction and party on
Thursday, December 14, 2006. This will be a festive evening filled with delicious food, wonderful prizes and the ambient musical
stylings of DJ 26. An interactive photographic tableau will give guests
the opportunity to have their portrait taken in an artist-designed winter wonderland, complete with fun props for posing. The silent auction will provide patrons with a great opportunity to purchase original artwork
by artists from the Lower Mainland.


Nora Blanck
Erin Boniferro
Susan Bozic
Andrzej Brakoniecki
Lilian Broca
Christen Burnett
Christen Burnett
Danny Han Lin Chen
Hilda Yuet Yi Chen
Tony Yin Tak Chu
Jodi CK Sam
Rebecca Cohen
Wendi Copeland
Raymonde Corbeil
Marven Donati-Jenkins
Margaret Dragu
Jason W. Fowler Fitzpatrick
Margareth Fry
Chris Gallagher
Barry Goodman
Brian Grison
Bill Grulkey
Frances Hall
Sarah Haxby
Kay Heekyung Im
Eddie Holton
Louise Hudson
Shirley Inouye
Jeanette Jarville
Cindy Jaswal
Barrie Jones
Jaehyung Kim
Deborah Koenker
Margaret Kovacs
Jeanne Krabbendam
Jumin Lee
Marilyn Lemon
Susan Li
Pat MacBain
Elizabeth MacKenzie
Kimberly Manky
Ricarda McDonald
Kevin McKenzie
Valerie Metz
Golya Mirderikvand
Rozita Moini-Shirazi
Adrienne Moore
Heidi Nagtegaal
Julie Northey
Lawrence Northey
Christopher Orr
Sabrina Ovesen
Jinhee Park
Heather Passmore
Corisande Percival Smith
Rosa Quintana
Tony Ramsell
John Richardson
Lin Richardson
Robin Ripley
Cheryl Roller
Jenny Ross
Lenore Rowntree
Lillian S.Ellis
Lorna Shum
Lorraine Simms
Cynthia Smith
Liz Steves
Nigel Tam
Gordon Trick
Nancy Walker
Charlotte Wall
Winnie Wang
Morley Watson
Loraine Wellman
Jennifer Whittlesey
Kwok Leung Wong
Terry Wong
Mei Yu
Jade Yumang
June Yun



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