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    Iceberg Stranded in My Bed

    April 1, 2023 - February 29, 2024

    Location: Aberdeen Station

    Above: Faune Ybarra, Iceberg Stranded in My Bed, 2020/2022, video still

    Presented in partnership with the Capture Festival, City of Richmond Public Art and the Canada Line Public Art Program.

    Faced with her feelings of displacement and the constant need to adapt to different landscapes, diasporic artist Faune Ybarra aspires to ground herself in the places she chooses to live. Born and raised in Mexico, Ybarra moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland, where she lived for four years. She now lives and works in Vancouver. Hoping to acknowledge her presence in a new–albeit potentially transient–place, Ybarra began creating an ongoing multimedia archive of her journeys to weave her story within the broader tapestry of immigrant narratives. This work is a part of Ybarra’s archive.

    While in St.John’s,Ybarra developed an artistic response to Robert E. Holloway’s book, Through Newfoundland with the Camera (1905). Now part of the Digital Archives Initiative, the seminal book influenced the Canadian’s public’s perception of the province in the 1900s. Ybarra contemplates whether her perspective as an immigrant to Canada and as an artist of colour could provide nuance to the evolving story of the province.

    In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, Ybarra, unable to get to the physical archives in St. John’s, used their digital archive instead. Behind and on her is a projected image of the Holloway photograph captioned “Iceberg Stranded Outside St. John’s Harbour for Three Weeks”. She enshrouds herself with a white blanket. She stands on a mattress situated in her apartment in Vancouver. Ybarra’s movement and the shape of her covered self change the original image’s identity, creating a new one in the process, one of intimate connection, impermanence, and confinement. 

    Above: Faune Ybarra, Iceberg Stranded in My Bed, 2020/2022, video still


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