Grill Fish Like a Caveman

Shared by: Mizzonk

This receipt is inspired by wanting to cook and eat as a caveman did with the fish I caught in a nearby lake. The fresh-cut cedar branches from my garden had made the fish surprisingly aromatic. This is a primitive dish of romance and patience.


Fresh small size fish of any species

Coarse sea salt


Clean and gut the fish. It is okay to leave the scales on if they are small. They will become crunchy and edible.

Find fresh-cut cedar branches that are straight. Remove the bark with your fingernails or a small knife. Sharpen the tips of the branches. The moisture in the fresh-cut branches will prevent the skewers from burning, and straight branches will be easier to control when grilling.

Skewer the fish in a way that the branches wrap around the spines. This will help the fish from falling off your skewers as the fish cooks. Also, it will make the fish very presentable as if they are still swimming.

Prepare the charcoal until it is glowing red. There should be no flames.
Season the fish with salt right after wetting the entire fish. The water will help the salt stick on the fish.

Grill the fish by hand, hold the screwer and rotate consistently. Watch and control the distance of the fish from the hot charcoal. Too much heat will burn the outside before the inside is cooked. Too little heat for too long will dry out your fish. The trick is to find a balance that will make the fish crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. You will soon master the process through experience.

Grilling time varies pending on the fish size.

Eat them right from the screwers just like a caveman did.


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