Art After Dark Remix : February Session

  • Art After Dark Remix
  • February 16, 2017

    Richmond Art Gallery and the Richmond Media Lab host a monthly evening of hands-on art and music making.

    This month DJ Zsaz will be our guest artist for a collaborative interactive music art station.  Participants are invited to join in on creating music and remixing in real time, while orchestrating visual effects projected onto a wall creating a sensory immersive experience.  Art supplies will also be available for guests to draw, colour and collage images inspired by both the art gallery exhibition and the music played over the course of the evening.

    Free admission, all art materials and equipment provided.
    Recommended for ages 14+

    Steven Yau a.k.a. DJ Zasz
    Inspired by music, Steven Yau has studied music production and audio recording to its fullest. Having recorded and mixed many local artists to create their own sound, he has taken it upon himself to express his creativity and voice it with the world. Having started out DJing at local community centres and city events, his creativity grew after finishing his professional recording arts diploma, he is now producing and channeling his work through different art forms. Experienced in manipulating audio and recording on a whim, the sky is the limit and the stage is set for him.


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