Art After Dark Remix with CO.CREA.TIVE

Thursday, July 20, 2017

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Richmond Art Gallery and the Richmond Media Lab host a monthly evening of hands-on art, performance and electronic music making.  The July session features The Co.nstrained Crea.tions Collec.Tive : artists from different disciplines interested in the exploration of constrained improvisations.

For this session, Co.Crea.Tive features the following artists (see below) leading performances ranging from atmospheric ballads, to testing the limits of the body based on sound decay; autonomous sensory meridian response as performance, to credit cards and metal on guitar…come experience the restraints we put on our body and instruments as landscape.  Participants are invited to roam throughout the gallery and interact with the performance at each station.  If time allows, Co.Crea.Tive will do a communal jam set at the end of the night.  Join in the fun!

Guest Artists:
Butter City Poster Boys
Alanna Ho x Anchi Lin
VAPAAD x Reagan Mutt x Leon Little
Matthew Ariaratnam
Ross Birdwise
Raj Gill x Wrly Anderson

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Program supported by:          hamber-foundation-grayscale            richmond_youth_0



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