Ricarda McDonald

Once Upon a Time…

January 24 - February 27, 2000

A recent brain injury offered me many things. Among the offerings were a new perspective and an opportunity to develop a new art process. Previously, much of my process involved thinking it through. Now, with my brain under repair, I had to bring much more fing and experimentation into my process.

I began with tiny pieces of clay rolled painfully in my hands. Looking at this piece you may understand the enormity of this simple task. Initially, one clay ball was a day’s work. These simple beginnings led me through clay, pen and inky, acrylic paint, photography, photocopies, mono-prints, silk-screen, cyano-type, photo etching, text and steel. I was astonished to find how many projects evolved.

The power and unfathomable capacity of the brain, its extreme sensitivity and vulnerability, and the interdependent nature of memory and self are important lessons learned on the journey after brain injury…the journey to discover the new self.


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