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Group Show

Mirror Mirror: Little Landscapes and Miniature Worlds


November 10 - November 24, 2007

The Richmond Art Gallery’s major fundraiser returns this year with the format of the Members Group Exhibition and Silent Auction but with a new thematic focus: Little Landscapes and Miniature Worlds.  No specifications will be made concerning size or medium in order to discover how each contributor interprets the theme.

The Closing Gala on November 24 will keep the party going to 1am with a live DJ and dancing after the closing of the auction. There will also be regular draws for prizes and the sale of raffle tickets.

  • Gala Emcee: Marie Lopes, Interim Head of Public Programs, Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Gala Dance Party DJ “The Sloppy Architect” (Artist and Author Joey Dubuc)
  • Gala Dance Party Visuals by the artist collective Weekend Leisure
  • Also featuring Naomi Sawada’s Amazing Snow Globe Collection!
  • Japanese Doll Display by Kato Himsa Ningyo Kyoshi Tu
  • Doll House display by Corisande Percival-Smith
  • Original Scale Models of Historical Boats by David Morris
  • Westham Island Estate Winery Fruit and Dessert Wine Tasting


Diyan Achjadi
Stephanie Aitken
Michelle Allard
Sean Alward
Julie Andreyev
Kate Armstrong
Matilda Aslizadeh
Sonny Assu
Greg Bellerby
Ivy Berent
Jim Breukelman
Colleen Brown
Nora Blanck
Nancy Bleck
Kriss Boggild
Bratsa Bonifacho
Erin Boniferro
Fiona Bowie
Hank Bull
Nan Capogna
Ksenia Cheinman
Lulu Chen
Tony Yin Tak Chu
Allyson Clay
Wendy Copeland
Ella Deer
Natalie Doonan
Dorthe Eisenhardt
Lillian Ellis
Ann Marie Fleming
Monique Fouquet
Margreth Fry
Gerry Gauthier
Julie Gendron
Jacob Gleeson
Barry Goodman
Pnina Granirer
Curtis Grahauer
Jesse Gray
Vanessa Hall-Patch
Kiku Hawkes
Michelle Hendrickson
Josh Hite
Eddie Holton
Catherine Huang
Roselina Huang
Louise Hudson
Shirley Inouye
Virginia Ivanicki
Mike Jackson
Jeanette Jarville
Cindy Jaswal
Collin Johanson
Dawn Johnston
Sharon Kahanoff
Liliane Karnouk
Christian Kliegel
Andrew Klobucar
Ingrid Koenig
Deborah Koenker
Ingrid Koivukangas
Jeanne Krabbendam
Howard Ku
Nick Lalowski
Gwenessa Lam
Keith Langergraber
Linda Loceff
Ricarda McDonald
Lisa Maclean
Miranda Mallinson
Natasha McHardy
Colin Miner
Cindy Mochizuki
Amy Modahl
Gareth Moore
Heidi Nagtegaal
Emilie O’Brien
Ryan Peter
Marcia Pitch
Susan Point
Kristina Podesva
Philippe Raphanel
John Richardson
Lin Richardson
Robin Ripley
Emily Rosamond
Jenny Ross
Marina Roy
Elizabeth Russell
Monika Sanft
Dorothy Seaton
Sandra Semchuk
Lorna Shum
Gregg Simpson
Dan Sterling
Susan Stewart
Erica Stocking
Natalie Strul
Donna Szoke
Sylvia Tait
Nigel Tam
Jenni Taylor
Jeremy Todd
Henry Tsang
Sarah Turner
Kara Uzelman
Nancy Walker
Loraine Wellman
Jane Wolsak
Madeleine Wood
Gu Xiong
Mei Yu
Marlene Yuen
June Yun
Su-An Yun
Barbara Zeigler
Kate Zisman