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Current Workshops

September 10 – November 19, 2017

Eternal Return

Barb Choit, Kevin Day, Lucien Durey, Alanna Ho, and Anchi Lin

A school desk, a collection of glass bottles, and a 19th century children’s book are transformed from historical artefacts into thought-provoking artworks in this exhibition featuring the work of five local artists. In partnership with the Richmond Museum, each artist has developed brand new artworks based on their exploration of objects in the Museum’s Migration collection, utilizing sculpture, photography, video, sound, and performance art. Guest curated by Sunshine Frère.

Gallery Tour & Art Workshop: Artful Artefacts

Historical significance is examined in this tour that explores how we interpret and understand artefacts and how changing the context of an object can create a shift in its meaning. In the studio, students will create playful sculptures using everyday objects and materials. Tours and workshops are adapted for age and grade level.

Curriculum Connections: Art, Applied Design, Skills and Technology, Language Arts, Social Studies

Teacher Guide: Eternal Return

December 2 – 31, 2017

ArtRich 2017

ArtRich 2017 is a juried exhibition of local and regional artists organized by the Richmond Arts Coalition and centred on the theme of Canada’s past, present, and future. This exhibition provides an opportunity for emerging and established artists to exhibit together, showcasing artwork that represents their ideas and perspectives on the landscapes, communities, and cultures we now define as Canada.

Gallery Tour & Art Workshop: The Canadian Landscape

What makes an artwork “Canadian”? The big ideas explored in this tour are how we define ourselves and our community through art, and how the Canadian identity is continually evolving. In the studio, students will learn ways of interpreting Canada through landscape painting, exploring the diverse regions of Canada and the ways it has been depicted at various points in our history. Tours and workshops are adapted for age and grade level.

Curriculum Connections: Art, Social Studies

January 15 – March 18, 2018


Aimée Henny Brown, Colin Lyons, Kathleen Ritter, Ross Kelly, and Saskia Jetten

Transference investigates how contemporary artists are using printmaking techniques as a starting point to explore the transfer of images as well as the transference of meaning. Printmaking has always relied on technology and invention, such as the development of the printing press or the use of chemical processes. This exhibition looks at the practice of five artists who are continuing this tradition of innovation by including digital technologies and contemporary issues. Guest curated by Hannamari Jalovaara.

Gallery Tour & Art Workshop: Printmaker’s Lab

In this active workshop, students will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of printmaking techniques after exploring gallery artworks that feature a wide range of technologies and materials, from traditional relief and monotype printing to modern digital imaging. Tours and workshops are adapted for age and grade level.

Curriculum Connections: Art, Applied Design, Skills and Technology, Mathematics, Science

April 3 – May 27, 2018

Karilynn Ming Ho: For the Left Hand Alone
Ho Tam: Cover to Cover

Although their work comprises separate exhibitions, both Karilynn Ming Ho and Ho Tam’s work focuses on how the self is identified and experienced. For The Left Hand Alone is a multi-media installation examining how the self can be fragmented through our increasingly virtual experience of the world. Ho Tam explores how we construct a public persona, revealing different facets of the self in a series of artist books and magazines. Curated by Shaun Dacey.

Gallery Tour & Art Workshop: Autobiographical Artists

This gallery tour examines identity and representation, and encourages students to consider the values, choices, and abilities that make us who we are. In the studio, students will create an artist book that reflects different aspects of themselves and their understanding of their own identity. Tours and workshops are adapted for age and grade level.

Curriculum Connections: Art, Applied Design, Skills and Technology, Language Arts


eternal-return-RAG-photo-Barb Choit
Above: Barb Choit, Richmond Reconstructions, 2017