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Current Workshops

Please book your visit at least two weeks in advance using our online form or by contacting our School Art Program Coordinator, Melanie Devoy at

September 14 – November 10, 2018

In Suspended Silence
Xiaojing Yan

To My Unborn Child
Wen-Li Chen

These two poetic and deeply personal exhibitions explore the notion of cultural belonging in an increasingly globalized world. Xiaojing Yan’s installations create hybrid realities, rooted in traditional Chinese culture but growing in new and unexpected directions, reflecting her experience as a first generation Canadian. Wen-Li Chen’s work considers personal identity and the future of the Indigenous Taiwanese Kavalan peoples through a mix of diaries, memory, history, and family stories. Curated by Nan Capogna and Tyler Russell from Centre A.

Gallery Tour & Art Workshop: Cultural Constructions
Like the living Lingzhi mushrooms in Xiaojing Yan’s sculptures, artists are fed by and rooted in their cultural history. In this workshop, students will draw upon their family and cultural histories to create a sculpture that expresses their understanding of where they are from and the contemporary influences that are contributing to whom they are becoming. Allergy alert: exhibition contains pine needles and mushroom spores.

Curriculum Connections: Art, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics

December 1, 2018 – January 20, 2019

Pierre Vassura

Richmond Art Gallery presents the first solo exhibition by Richmond-based artist Pierre Vassura. The exhibition offers an eclectic mix of sculptures, paintings and drawings highlighting his strong graphic style and vibrant use of colour, spanning more than 40 years of this prolific artist’s career. Curated by Jonathan Middleton and Eli Bornowsky.

Gallery Tour & Art Workshop: Fantastic Fables
Pierre Vassura’s artworks portray iconic symbols of Western culture drawn from fables, myths, and morality plays. This hands-on painting workshop guides students through illustrating a character from a fable or fairy tale using colour theory and the technique of geometric abstraction inspired by Vassura’s dynamic compositions.

Curriculum Connections: Art, Applied Design, Skills and Technology, Language Arts, Mathematics

February 10 – April 21, 2019

Adad Hannah

Since 2001, Canadian artist Adad Hannah has reimagined the 19th century practice of tableaux vivants in a series of works that places living participants in recreations of historical artworks, inviting us to reflect on our role as spectators. For the latest in his series, Hannah has come to Richmond and created a new community-based project that engages local artists and volunteers in the creation of a work that responds to the local history of Richmond and our diverse community. Curated by Nan Capogna.

Gallery Tour & Art Workshop: Living Pictures
What was the Mona Lisa really thinking? And what was it like to live through important moments in history? This active tour and workshop asks students to literally put themselves in the picture. Using a mix of digital and traditional media, students will re-imagine an historical event, famous artwork, or scene from a story through the creation of a photo collage tableau in which the students themselves will pose as the characters.

Curriculum Connections: Art, Drama, Applied Design, Skills and Technology, Language Arts

May 4 – June 30, 2019

With wings like clouds hung from the sky
Karen Tam

Lee Nam, an artist and Chinese immigrant to British Columbia at the turn of the 20th century, is known to us today through the journals of Emily Carr, his friend and fellow painter. In this immersive installation, Montreal-based artist Karen Tam re-imagines Lee Nam’s painting studio, on Cormorant Street in Victoria’s Chinatown, to evoke the presence of this unknown artist. Presented in association with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

Gallery Tour & Art Workshop: Lyrical Landscapes
Karen Tam draws on archival research to speculate on artistic influence and exchange between Emily Carr and Lee Nam. Using these artists’ work as a starting point, students will explore the traditions of Chinese brush painting in the creation of an artwork that expresses the lyrical poetry of our Pacific Northwest landscape.

Curriculum Connections: Art, Applied Design, Skills and Technology, Social Studies

Above: Xiaojing Yan, Lingzhi Girl II, 2016