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Hope-Smith Art Lounge

The Hope-Smith Art Lounge was inaugurated in 2008, and is named after the Gallery’s founding Director, Page Hope-Smith.  This interactive area in the Gallery features an in-house library of related publications, comfortable seating, a video interview with the current exhibiting artist(s), and a hands-on activity for all ages.  The activities and library change for each exhibition, so please join us regularly to see what’s happening in our Lounge!

September 14 – November 10, 2018:

Still Life Drawing:  The artist Xiaojing Yan uses natural objects in her artwork and has references to bonsai as a form of meditation, imagining yourself within the tiny landscape.   Participants are invited to draw the Gallery’s bonsai display as a still life.
Still life drawing provides the opportunity for “close looking” at natural objects to really study their shape, colour, form, texture, and tone. This practice is a great way to learn more about an object as well as considering new ways the object may be used in an artwork.