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Gallery Talks provide an opportunity to get inside the mind of exhibiting artists, guest curators, and other arts professionals.  Presentations explore exhibitions, new ideas and concepts, or broader contemporary issues in an up close and personal setting.  Professionals from across the country share their experiences with our community.   Admission by donation.

Upcoming Talks

Chinese Program: Learn about Local Mushrooms!
Saturday, September 29, 2018
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

免費中文講座: 靈芝和當地菇類的自然生長過程 時間:9月29日星期六,下午3:00 主講嘉賓: 余鴻瑞先生 余氏農場創辦人 想知道術館家閆曉靜如何創造《靈芝女孩》? 來參加由特別嘉賓余鴻瑞先生演講的免費中文講座。聆聽他講解靈芝和當地菇類的生長過程。 *請注意,本講座會用粵語或普通話進行 Guest Speaker: Mr. Hung Shui Yu Founder of Yu’s Farm How did artist, Xiaojing Yan, grow mushrooms for her exhibition In Suspended Silence?  As part of the Gallery’s Culture Days programs, learn more about the methods behind growing mushrooms and local … Continue reading ... More info

Greg Girard artist talk, May 2015
Above: Greg Girard Artist Talk, May 2015