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Gwenessa Lam
Janet Wang

Inside Out


September 21 - November 4, 2007

This exhibition is accompanied by a RAG publication

The division between interior and exterior spaces is explored in the paintings of Gwenessa Lam and Janet Wang. Their work examines the play of light as it flows through windows and into living spaces, providing minimal information as to what may be outside the pane of glass. Gwenessa Lam considers issues of access and denial in her large-scale paintings, placing the viewer on the inside looking out with vague or cropped views of the external space. Janet Wang’s paintings use the play of light through the window to imply the exterior, and show the use of decor on the interior to infer personal character and style. Painted on toile de joie fabric, depicting images of bucolic living which become elements of the picture plane, Wang contrasts the pastoral with modernist sensibilities.

Gwenessa Lam received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia in 2001 and a Master of Fine Arts from New York University in 2004. She has shown in British Columbia and New York since 2001.

Janet Wang earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia in 1999 and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Leeds in 2001. The artist resided in the UK until late 2004, exhibiting in Sheffield, Leeds, Edinburgh and London.



Above: Gwenessa Lam, Window no. 3, 2007, oil on canvas. Below: Janet Wang, Living Room 10, 2007, oil on canvas.


Inside Out
Authors: Carie Helm
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