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For each exhibition, the Richmond Art Gallery Association produces videos in which artists discuss the themes and processes behind their work. These videos screen for gallery visitors in the Hope Smith Art Lounge during the exhibition, and are available for watching on this page or on our YouTube channel. A complete archive of past videos is available in the menu to the right.

The RAG Youth Podcast Program was a pilot project in 2011 and 2014.  In collaboration with the Richmond Media Lab, Gallery staff worked with a group of Richmond youth to hear their interpretations of Art Gallery exhibitions and Public Art works.  Youth interviewed exhibiting artists, researched the artwork, and then provided their take on the art by creating a podcast to share with an online audience.  Listen to what youth think!

Latest Video


Artist Karin Jones discusses her works in the exhibition.


Artist Amy Malbeuf discusses her works in the exhibition.


Check out our virtual tour of our current exhibition, "Labour's trace", by artists Karin Jones and Amy Malbeuf.

Karin Jones
Amy Malbeuf
Labour’s trace

February 15, 2020 - August 8, 2020


Video & Podcast Archives

We First Need a Boat for the Rising Tide to Lift Us
Artists: Jon Sasaki

Cave to Dream
Artists: Cindy Mochizuki
Artist Cindy Mochizuki discusses her current exhibition.

With wings like clouds hung from the sky
Artists: Karen Tam
Artist Karen Tam discusses her exhibition "With wings like clouds hung from the sky".

The Decameron Retold
Artists: Adad Hannah
Artist Adad Hannah discusses his exhibition The Decameron Retold.

New Work 1983 – 2018
Artists: Pierre Vassura
Curators Jonathan Middleton and Eli Bornowsky talk with artist Pierre Vassura about his exhibition at the Richmond Art Gallery.

In Suspended Silence
Artists: Xiaojing Yan
Artist Xiaojing Yan discusses her exhibition "In Suspended Silence".

Home Made Home
Artists: Germaine Koh
Artist Germaine Koh discusses the exhibition "Home Made Home".

Cover to Cover
Artists: Ho Tam
Artist Ho Tam discusses his latest exhibition "Cover to Cover".

For The Left Hand Alone
Artists: Karilynn Ming Ho
Artist Karilynn Ming Ho discusses her latest exhibition "For the Left Hand Alone".

Artists: Aimée Henny Brown, Colin Lyons, Kathleen Ritter, Ross Kelly, Saskia Jetten
Transference curator Hannamari Jalovaara and the five exhibition artists discuss their work and its connection to contemporary printmaking.

Eternal Return
Artists: Alanna Ho, Anchi Lin, Barb Choit, Kevin Day, Lucien Durey
Curator Sunshine Frère and the five exhibition artists discuss the Eternal Return Exhibition.

Beyond the Horizon
In this video, curator Dr. Hilary Letwin discusses the themes of the Beyond the Horizon exhibition and collection artworks, and each student artist describes their artwork and inspiration.

Omnis Temporalis
Artists: Mark Haney, Seth
Mark Haney and Seth discuss the Omnis Temporalis exhibition at the Richmond Art Gallery.

Artists: Meryl McMaster
Artist Meryl McMaster discusses her exhibition Confluence at the Richmond Art Gallery.<br><br>Assistance for this video was provided by a grant from the Bing Thom Transcendence Foundation.

Cultural Conflation
Artists: Diyan Achjadi, Shawn Hunt
Artist Shawn Hunt discusses the influences and ideas behind his work in the exhibition Cultural Conflation.

The Transformation of Things
Artists: Rick Leong

Artists: Lyse Lemieux
Vancouver-based artist Lyse Lemieux discusses her artwork, her process, and the inspiration behind the exhibition A GIRL’S GOTTA DO WHAT A GIRL’S GOTTA DO at the Richmond Art Gallery. This exhibition is supported by a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

The Mad Alchemist
Artists: Peter Aspell
Listen to curators Rachel Rosenfield Lafo and Darrin Morrison discuss the work of Peter Aspell, and share insights into the exhibitions "Peter Aspell: The Mad Alchemist of Colour" at the Richmond Art Gallery, and "Peter Aspell: Saints and Sinners, Mystics and Madness" at the West Vancouver Museum.

not by chance alone
Artists: jasna guy
Interview with jasna guy

For All Is For Yourself
Artists: Cameron Cartiere and the chART collective
Interview with Cameron Cartiere

Richmond / Kowloon
Artists: Greg Girard
Interview with Greg Girard

Close Listening
Artists: Eli Bornowsky, Jeremy Hof, Jinny Yu, Monique Mouton
Interview with Ola Wlusek and Jeremy Hof

Artists: Ariane Medley, Cody Lecoy, Dempsey Bob, Grace Williams, Isabel Rorick, Joe David, Latham Mack, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, Marika Swan, Morgan Green, Rick Adkins, Tamara Skubovius, Xwalacktun (Rick Harry)
Interview with Xwalacktun, James Harry, and Morgan Green

City as Site: Public Art in Richmond
Artists: Various
Interview with Glen Anderson, Nicole Dextras, Jacqueline Metz and Nancy Chew, and Carlyn Yandle

Artists: Lucie Chan, Marigold Santos
Artists Lucie Chan and Marigold Santos discuss their works in the exhibition Attachments.

Elders and Roots
Artists: Evan Lee
Interview with Evan Lee

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Theatre of the Exploding Sun
Artists: Keith Langergraber
Interview with Keith Langergraber

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VERB WOMAN: the wall is in my head/ a dance of forgetting
Artists: Margaret Dragu
Interview with Margaret Dragu

Richmond youth meet with Margaret Dragu to discuss her work, and give their opinions on her RAG exhibition.

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Fictive Realities
Artists: Doug Jarvis, Lee Henderson, Michelle Gay, Peter Morin, Steve Lyons
Interview with Michelle Gay, Steve Lyons, Doug Jarvis, Peter Morin, Lee Henderson, Paul Walde.

RAG Youth Podcast - Fictive Realities.

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Materially Speaking
Artists: Brendan Lee Satish Tang, Jen Aitken, Julie York, Lou Lynn
Interview with Jen Aitken, Lou Lynn, Brendan Lee Satish Tang

Andante (a walking pace)
Artists: Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Haruko Okano, Mike Andrew McLean, Ruth Scheuing, UWHAH (Until We Have A Helicopter)
Interview with Cheryl L'Hirondelle , Mike Andrew McLean, Haruko Okano, Ruth Scheuing, Until We Have A Helicopter

Temporary Assignment
Artists: Christy Frisken, Janet Wang, Jason Froese, Lucie Chan, Mark Haney, Ming Yeung, My Name Is Scot, Nathan McNinch, Penny Leong Browne, Various Artists, Willa Downing
Video of the installation

close your eyes
Artists: Sophie Jodoin
Artist Sophie Jodoin discusses her exhibition "close your eyes".

My Big Family
Artists: Hua Jin
Interview with Hua Jin

Fantasy Gardens
Artists: Neil Wedman, Stuart McCall
Interview with Neil Wedman & Stuart McCall

The lights constellating one’s internal sky
Artists: Marilou Lemmens, Richard Ibghy
Interview with Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens

Fibred Optics
Artists: Ed Pien, Frances Dorsey, Jérôme Havre, Michèle Provost
Interview with Andrea Fatona, Frances Dorsey, Jérôme Havre, and Ed Pien

Homage to the Heart
Artists: Brenda Joy Lem
Interview with Brenda Joy Lem

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More Often than Always/Less Often than Never
Artists: Anne-Marie Proulx, Arjuna Neuman, Chikako Maria Mori & Boris Nieslony, Gordon Lebredt, hannah_g, Julie Gendron & Emma Hendrix, Tetsushi Higashino
Victoria-based Curatorial Collective, Noxious Sector (Doug Jarvis and Ted Hiebert) discuss the exhibition.