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Susan Stewart

Change Without Notice


November 28, 2008 - January 25, 2009

Film and video technology are often utilized to promote conventional fantasies of sexual, economic and social achievement. Through a set of overlapping video projections, Stewart and Seaton will explore new modes of thought in relation to durational visual media, projecting alternative futures – alternative fantasies – in response to current social and environmental crisis. Given our participation in multiple biosystems and levels of interdependence, Change Without Noticeattempts to radically shift the terms of these relationships (particularly the ecology of gender). The work evokes possibility on many levels of social and environmental interconnectedness. The layering and interaction of multiple projections will make Gallery One into a kind of lever for change – a place where new fantasies, difficult and joyous alike, can be considered by visitors.

Susan Stewart was a member of the Kiss and Tell Collective, exploring video installation as a visual art form, rather than the conventional single channel narrative structure of much time-based work. Recent work includes scene unseen (2001) and A Space Without Fences Like You on the Prairie (2006) in collaboration with Dorothy Seaton. Stewart is an Associate Professor at ECI.

Seaton is an emerging artist, working primarily in sculpture/installation, photography and video. She explores illicit bodies (queered, transgendered, raced, abjected) by intervening into the bodily and social spaces of furniture, as well as the ideological spaces of children’s toys. Seaton currently works in woodworking/construction and is at work on a kids’ book.




Change Without Notice
Authors: Joy James
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