School Art Program

Arts For Life

17th Annual Arts for Life Conference
Wednesday 28 October 2009

The Arts for Life conference is a full-day event organized to inspire and inform secondary students of career options in the arts. Throughout the day, professional artists from a variety of disciplines share their stories and their work. Presenters have included visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, architects, designers, and animators, each offering their unique perspective.

This year’s roster of artists included:

• Opening key-note – Susanne Tabata, Filmmaker and director
• Vjeko Sager, Interdisciplinary artist
• Marilou Lemmens, Multimedia artist
• Bill Pechet, Architect
• Lisa Birke, Painter and installation artist
• Gail Conzatti, Fashion designer

To view more details on the presenters and to preview the events schedule, download the Arts For Life 2009 pdf

Arts for LIfe is sponsored by the Richmond School District.

For more information about the School Art Program contact Kathy
Tycholis at

Highlights from the 2009 Arts for Life Conference:

Susanne Tabata gives a
keynote address

Vjeko Sager talk

Girls taking a break

Marilou Lemmens talk

Lisa Birke talk

Gail Conzatti talk

Bill Pechet talk

Lunchtime ATCs activity

Panel discussion

Kathy Tycholis hands
out prizes